Even though it seems like making Burial Armors in Runescape is useless because the cost of making Burial Armor, of OSRS GP any type, is way too expensive. However, the exp that you earn from creating an Armor Set is too big to ignore. It's among the best ways to get more smithing skills while AFK. Make sure you fill the furnace with iron ore and coal to ensure that you don't need to drive to the smelter again and again.

Old School RuneScape replaces the Duel Arena with a brand new PvP Arena

As the game changed and with the closure of the Duel Arena, the Old School RuneScape team promised a replacement. A complete replacement is revealed the PvP Arena. This new alternative has many features that will provide better and more balanced players experience as well as reduce the scams which had become common.The Gower brothers organically grew an entire community over the course of time, but they also made mistakes and they made significant leaps in technology, but their experience in the field was at the time that allowed it. The kind of game like RuneScape was not possible in the present day.

RuneScape was a long-running passion project created by three brothers in their parent's kitchen. They made it using free software downloaded from gaming magazines. It was monetized so that they could afford to buy RuneScape gold work on it in full-time, with the game still being free to play.