As I'm sure you've noticed players can dual wield weapons nowadays. Before (as in the pre-Evolution of Combat) with OSRS Gold the exception of 2 handed weapons your only options were to use a one handed weapon that came with some sort of shield, or an offensive shield slot item such as a Defender (or a God book although they were shields in theory. So now you have an extra choice - you can wield a weapon and a shield for extra defensive bonuses (and can use a couple shield only defensive/constitution abilities) or you can dual wield weapons.

Dual handling is more offensively focused obviously, and it's slightly superior to using weapons with two hands as you can gain some abilities. That's why many prefer using dual crossbows rather than a crossbow that is two handed or a bow, and an wand and the shield slot as an offensive weapon (usually orbs, such as Spider Orbs) Spider Orb) rather than staves (except in certain situations where you're only putting at risk one thing). In general, it is best to think of an orb as being a form of off-hand crossbow or sword even though it's not exactly like a weapon.

The Spider Wand is therefore the equivalent that of Spider Wand because it has the same tier, and it's the matching off-hand offensive weapon in the Spider Wand. Additionally, it lets players cast spells through the off-hand slot because it counts as a weapon, similar to if you had two swords, for instance, it would be possible to deal the damage of both. At the level you are at, you can most likely buy and carry Batwing btw and even more effective and it's super cheap too.

Warpriest is the top armour in F2p but it is only obtainable by members... unless you participated in the event several months ago which I doubt. It is a tier 2 in F2P (was nerfed by Jagex) which means it's not the best choice under all circumstances.

It's possible to still find decent hybrid armor. for example, the armor of ghost hunters (w/e it's called) is just as impressive and Cheap RS 2007 Gold you can acquire it by killing ghosts. There's also dragonstone armor however the price is high. I was thinking it was at its highest at the tier 50. Best hybrid armour f2p based on what Dragonstone, which is tier 60.