All you need is one dart. You can equip it and RS Gold then attack him as quickly as you can. It'll cut through the point of his explosion and you are reduced to one hitpoint. My mom just did it a couple of days ago, so I am aware. I like that the darts help people with less speedy computers and/or poor connectivity.

It's a great chance to complete the quest in this way. I just wish there was something similar. In my attempt to create the firepit area in the summer's End. Vanstrom was easier for me. I'm sure you've heard of the fire pit. I have seen my sister do it and die 23times, and had to start again. clicks are delayed [you've felt the frustration.

I'd like for Runescape to run just as smoothly in 2008 , there was a great balance of games played the player was able to master or fight, in a little delay in our commands for the character being carried out.

The people who run lagex have added too much content and are it is too fast for their servers to load it , and communicate with our computers. I used to play on dial up , which was an Pent II duo core 2 3 gb processor and 2 gb of RAM - Games today are built on that outdated technology - lol. Today I own an I7 processor that is 3.4gb, for ram 8gb with a bus more than 4 times faster. and a dedicated graphics card that has a gb od ram there.

High speed internet - and I'm located on the West side of the USA and it is not uncommon to experience too much lag to OSRS Accounts farm Perhaps there were several ferns and brush, running animals and huge trees that have clogged the servers as the unavoidable touristy scenery is loaded? Maybe - however, what can I say I'm just a customer. a customer that needs the help of a cheater to take down the boss I've nearly killed a number of times - I'm just too slow to finish.