A BBQ Grill Mesh Mat is a non-stick mat made primarily from fiberglass cloth and PTFE. The PTFE is the non-stick material which is commonly confused with Teflon. Whereas Teflon is by far the best-known brand of PTFE, that is ultimately all it is – a brand.


What is the number one biggest mistake people make when using a grill mat? THE GRILL IS TOO HOT!!

Very high heat cooking is not appropriate for grill mats. When using a grill mat, keep the heat on low or medium heat, and NEVER expose the grill mat to extremely high heat or open flames!

While other grill mats can only be used up to 500 degree heat, KONA grill mats can be used at heat up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

After a few uses, you may see discoloration or a few stray fibers on the sides of the mat. This is just a result of being exposed to heat. It does not mean your grill mat is coming apart. It is something that you will experience when using a grill mat, and the stray fibers should simply be trimmed off with a pair of scissors.

You can also cut your grill mat to the size you want without causing any damage to the mat. They can be used for a variety of non-stick applications where a non-stick surface with medium heat temperature is needed.

Take care when using your grill tools so that you do not cause damage to your grill mat. If using metal tools, be very careful with them. Try not to scrape the surface of the grill mat excessively.

Silicone, wood or nylon tools are a good option when using grill mats. Turning foods with a silicone tipped pair of tongs is preferable to using a metal spatula.

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