The best way to go is killing 300 chickens a day, and then place their bones in the ground and wait for 30 years to RuneScape Gold gain maximum combat plus the maximum amount of prayer. However, I'm not willing to wait till im in my late 40s to get bandsos. I do have 3 to 6 hours of rs time on holidays, (except on sundays, where i receive two and a half hours online.) However, I don't get them often since even saturdays are work day for me.

The final 4 days were holiday days when I received 4 hours, 3 hours, 2.5hrs and 6hrs respectively. In total, 15 and a half hrs online. I spent the first day playing just for fun, and train for the last three days with slayer. I went from 65 to 70 atk, and from 25 , to 45, slayer.

Perhaps this friend mentioned what level of combat she was at in the time she made this money? This is a typical response to all 3... It's an he. He was able to show it to me.. It's not a flims lie. In fact, he's at 88cb (same like myself).. If he could have done it before he had even turned lvl88 cb that just proves tht you could do it easily.

He'll take me with him at the time he becomes online.. I'd definitely train my str to around 75-80. and maybe my def up to 70 later on. While training isn't exactly easy as I'm able to spend about 2 hours a day online. It's as if my best choice is to kill 300 chickens every day and then put their bones in a sandbox for 30 years, to achieve maxed combat + maxed pray. However, I'm not willing to be waiting until i am in my late 40s to get an adolescent bandos...

I can get 3 hours up to 6hrs of rs tv on holidays, (except Sundays, which I am able to get 2 and a 1/2 hours on Buy RS 2007 Gold the internet..) However, I rarely get them as even the weekend is a working day for me. The past four days were holiday days when i got 4hrs, 3hrs, 2.5hrs, and 6hrs respectivly. The total was 15 and a half hours online..