It's true that I rarely do more than RuneScape Gold one run at each time, but this is because I'm unable to get to the end of my maze. (This happened before I was able to master some of the levels you've described). I'm sure I could do 2 or even 3 sessions at a time.

70 defence is very very useful when you use blitz to sally as one of the most effective methods(if you do not have access to turm/chaotics). Strength and attack speed increases Ahrim, however it isn't mandatory and 70 mage can be used as a minimum, 82 is the best.

And this is my current set up: Sacred Clay Helm Granite body Dragon Platelegs, Amulet of Glory and Ring of wealth, Obsidian cape, Dragon longsword, obsidian sheild/Mithril defender. I have around 1 mil to improve my armor/wep. Note: I need the experience so I can't upgrade the helmet. I haven't done the freminik quests. We'll change the black boots to dragon ones after I get a couple of additional 100ks. Haven't done monkey madness. I'm trying to find dragon defender too...

It did indeed happen I got 20k-30k of exp 2 day in str, much more than the normal... I don't train for anything more than an hour strech as I prefer making friends and enjoying myself more than having skills. And neit doesn't work for me, because, as I mentioned in my first post, i've never done the fremmy quests. This is a requirement.

How much is proselyt? I'm not able to OSRS Money continue buying degradable armour, therefore I'd like a confirmation if it does declines too. Thank you for your time. Very inexpensive and not degradable The only good thing is that it offers the best prayer bonuses, but with a weak defense, i wouldn't reccomend. In training, def doesn't mean crap. Str and prayer matter more, so Prosy Over Guthans Plate.