During the warmer months, your Outdoor Lounge Set likely gets a lot of use. In colder months, you probably spend less time outside and thus less time utilizing your outdoor furniture. If you live in an area that has a cold or wet climate in the winter, you will need to take steps to make sure that your patio furniture is properly protected from the elements.

Cleaning and protecting garden furniture

Whether you’re planning to store your garden furniture inside or leave it outside over the winter, cleaning and protecting it from the elements will help it last longer and stay looking beautiful.

How you do this depends on what your furniture is made from. Read on for the specific care instructions for all types of garden furniture.

Fix it

Take this opportunity to check for missing and loose screws. If you need to replace any, opt for brass screws which won’t rust.

Cleaning iron and steel furniture thoroughly once a year gives you the perfect opportunity to find any rust spots before they grow beyond repair. Wash with soap and water, using a scrubbing brush or cloth, and rinse the soap off with clean water.

If you can see any rust spots, treat them now to stop them getting worse. Sand the rust off with steel wool or hand sander - depending on how big the area is. Clean the area again and fill any holes with an epoxy filler. Sand once more and, finally, prime and paint the metal furniture to protect it and restore it to its former beauty.

Keep garden furniture protected with covers

You can leave synthetic rattan furniture outdoors all year round, but for ultimate protection, cover it with a PVC cover or keep it stored in your garden shed.

Garden furniture covers are ideal for additional protection from the elements.

Even if you’re storing your garden furniture in your shed or garage, a cover will keep it free from dust and it won’t need to be cleaned when brought out again.

Cover Up

Even if you’re planning on storing your outdoor furniture in a shed or garage, you need to cover everything up to protect it from dust, moisture, and all those other things that are best avoided. You can either buy designated furniture covers or make your own using drop sheets or other large, protective fabrics. If you’re leaving everything outside, you absolutely need to ensure that the covers you choose are weather resistant and are able to withstand the elements. It’s worth noting that some materials (like plastic and natural rattan) don’t fare very well outdoors for extended periods of time so try to avoid leaving them out for the season.

Store It

Storing your outdoor furniture during seasons where it won’t get regular use is the best way to protect it from winter’s harsh conditions. There are several places you can store your outdoor furniture during the winter months, like a garage, basement, or storage shed. Even if you have some extra space under your deck or on a covered patio, this shelter will help keep your outdoor furniture clear of standing snow, water, and ice. An alternative option to storing your outdoor furnishings away for the winter months is to bring outdoor pieces indoors to use and enjoy during the colder seasons.

Smaller items like cushions, pillows, and other outdoor decor don’t require nearly as much storage space as larger furniture pieces do, and as such they can be easily stowed away in an outdoor storage box.

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