I learned lots about Castle Wars, which was a lot of fun. I had the opportunity to OSRS Gold go to the G.e.e. for members. It was a very inexpensive experience however it was quite costly. This is the kind of quest I've done. Priest in danger = Simple! Waterfall quest = What is this? I was almost killed by the lvl84 Mossies since I couldn't wear anything to enter cavE ?!?! Jeeze.

Sheep herder = You'll get piss off when you get to the sheep part. Dwarf cannon = Ok but bit long. Wolf whistle: It's simple and enjoyable to play the role of an obese wabbit. The Witch's House = This noob witch teleported me and got me lost in cheeezee! Are there any Begineers quests I can do? Lost city? What's the best method to get my Agility or thieving up?

O.K., I understand I'm not the best player out (only level86), however I wanted to know if my combat setup was up to par. I'm able to win against everyone, but only against people who are over 100. I do not make use of pots, and Ultimate Strength is the only prayer I will ever use.

My Dds aren't an item I often use. They are too expensive. I did keep a small record of my losses and wins today (only taking into account those who are lvl 85 and above), I have a winning ratio of over 70% in the duel arena out of around 20 fights. I hit 15s and higher, but sometimes I can reach 20-21 without prayer or pots. (My strength is just 70). I aim to be able to fight in 90-90 combat by the end of next week. Do you think my setup to be quite good?

I have put off visiting Tarn since I received my salve. Since my slayer task is to terrorize dogs, i think its time to go to Buy RS Gold The Lair Tarn Razorlor. I haven't been able to find a map to the dungeon. Please, post the link. I did find an outline map, however it was not an actual guide. I will be fighting Tarn and the dogs. These are my abilities and my gear. Any tips or advice would be appreciated.