O.K., I understand that I'm not OSRS Gold the greatest player out (only level 86), however I wanted to know if my combat setup was adequate. I win against almost anyone, but only against people over 100. I don't make use of pots, and the sole prayer I'll ever be employing is Ultimate Strength (rarely ever using this.)

My Dds aren't an item I often use. I find them too expensive. I kept a track of my wins/losses (only counting those who are lvl85 and up) I've got an average winning percentage of more than 70% in the duels arena from about 20 fights. I usually achieve 15 or more but sometimes I'll hit a 20-21 fight without praying/pots. (My strength is only 70) I'm hoping to hit 90-90 combat by the end of next week. Do you think my setup is sound?

I've put off visiting Tarn since I got my salve. Since my slayer mission is terror dogs, i think its time to head towards The Lair Tarn Razorlor. I can't find the map of this dungeon. Could you please post it? I found an instructional guide, but not a map. I'll fight Tarn as well as the dogs. These are my abilities and my gear. Any suggestions or tips are welcome.

I'll also have the Ectophial in case I need to go for it. Along with the 100 gp needed to access bank. I think i might require an anti-poison. )... Do i need to bring prayer pots?

My character has a combat level of 63 in mem, and 62 non-mem. The character was first created in 2004 and I played for a week until the level was reached at 30. Then came schools and I lost all my characters and the Rs. I took a 3 year hiatus. In November 2007 I came back to Cheap RS3 Gold playing and raised the level of my character.