Runes are overpowered items which can boost the effectiveness of an item far beyond what it could achieve by itself. This guide will cover Diablo 2 Resurrected rune farming, and how to do it within the game.

 Diablo 2 Resurrected Rune Farming

 You can put Runes in various sockets of your equipment pieces. The helmet, chest armor, shields, and weapons will come with sockets for Runes. You can even create rarer and more powerful Runewords by mixing Runes that you already own.

 Runes in Diablo 2 Resurrected are typically located in the following ways:

 Located in containers

 The Horadric Cube was the creator of the Horadric Cube

 The loot was retrieved from Mobs

 There is a chance you might find an Rune in this area. If so, however, it will probably be of poor quality.

 Best Locations to Farm Runes Diablo 2 Resurrected

 We're conscious of this and have created a guide to assist you in farming runes that are both quality and quantity.

 Act-1 Black Marsh Rune Farming

 In Act-1 of Diablo 2, Black Marsh is a great location to harvest runes. Towers within the Black Marsh area can provide you with plenty of runes.

 Locate the Forgotten Tower in Black Marsh, located in Nightmare or Hell. Nightmare as well as Hell are suggested because they improve the quality of the rune improves.

 Go to the Forgotten Tower. Once you've enteredthe tower, proceed all the way up to level 5. When you reach level 5, go to the room that is next to the Entrance Level 5. There you'll have to deal with many minions.

 Remove them. You'll be able to see the Countess after the minions have left the way. You can also drag her out, and depending on how lucky you are you are, she'll drop between 1-3 runes.

 There's also the possibility of finding some gems. At most, she'll drop 6 runes per kill.

 Act-4 The Hellforge

 Act 4's Hellforge can also be a great place for finding runes. All you need to do to get the runes from here is break Mephisto's Soulstone.

 This will not only give you runes, but it will also complete the quest of Mephisto's Soulstone.

 Here are a few ways to go about it. Hephasto, the Armor protects Hellforge. If you defeat him, you'll be able to obtain the Hellforge Hammer, which is required to smash the stone.

 When you've got the Hammer, the Mephisto’s Soulstone will be revealed. It will allow you to smash it. When you smash the stone, you'll get a rune and some gems. Fair deal!

 Act 5 Mount Arreat

 Mount Arreat Act-5 is another great place to find runes. You'll always get three runes from this place, but the quality of the runes are poor.

 Although they're not as good however, they are important because they can be utilized to create runes in Horadric Cube to create higher-level runes later on.

 Just need to get rid of 15 Barbarian Warriors from Qual-Kehk (a Barbarian captain). This will allow you to finish the Mount Arreat quest, and also award you with three runes.

 D2 Resurrected High Ranes

 We have listed High Runes separately because of their rarity and value. The following list of locations and bosses that drop these specific runes. Let's start with the famous Secret Cow Level!

 Secret Cow Level

 The Secret Cow Level is one of the most profitable places to mine High Runes. You'll need to plan a bit before tackling this particular job. To create the portal for the Cow Level, you would first need to have killed the boss that is the last on the difficulty you are playing.

 Combine a Wirt’s Leg and a Tome Of Town Portal while in Rogue Encampment.

 It will allow you to enter a red portal which will take players to Secret Cow Level. The Secret Cow Level is famous for its high number of enemies. Thus, the odds of dropping High Runes along with chests are higher.


 Travincal is another place where you can farm High Runes. The location also has a high drop rate so your chances of obtaining a high-value rune are high.

 Travincal's farming strategy is similar to Secret Cow Level. Continue to kill the enemies that appear until you can get the rune.


 Chaos is the perfect combination of Travincal and Cow Level. Combining them, you get an area full of High Runes.

 Similar to the Cow Level you will be bombarded by an army of monsters who drop high Runes at a good rate. You can cut and kill the many monsters until you discover your high rune.

 Arcane Sanctuary

 Arcane Sanctuary is another location where you can expect to receive the highest level of Runes.

 This is because ghosts in this area have a small drop pool and killing them can increase the chance of obtaining runes. Don't kill them, and be sure you check the ends of the paths for any chests.

 The chests are filled with high-level loot, including runes.

 Quick List

 The following are additional places to add to your search list. They're not as efficient as the aforementioned list. But if you are ever tired of the usual areas, then these are something new They reward you with High Runes in addition.

 What are the best farms in Diablo 2

 The Pit Level 85: Easy enemies. Level 2 always has a Golden Chest. Commonly called the Pit Run.

 The Ancient Tunnels: Level 85 zone There are no Cold Immune monsters, always has a Golden Chest.

 Chaos Sanctuary Level 85 Area, high density, a large amount of Unique Monsters It's not easy.

 World Stone Keep: Level 85 area with high density and a large number of Unique monsters. Most difficult.

 Secret Cow Level/Moo-Moo-Farm - Level 81 with high density. Difficult for melee builds, but no monster Immunities.

 The most productive farming areas typically have an area of a high of level (85 being the highest) to guarantee that the rarest items in the game be dropped from Champions and unique monsters within the region. The most desirable items only be found in monsters of level 87; in an area with a level 85, Champions will be level 87, while Unique monsters are level 88.

 Additionally, the best farming areas generally have high levels of monsters to increase the number of boss packs to kill and decrease the time spent travelling between enemy groups. Certain areas are also easier to build certain types of builds, particularly when the creatures native to that area are not immune to the damage type of choice of the build.