With an over-extended play, fake, and Mut 22 coins a maxed-out sprinter Daniel Jones performs like a hall of famer during games. Danny Dimes is more expensive than other elite options. He can get out of his pockets and take first downs with his legs, thanks to his speed figures of 90+. The cards carrying and on-the ball stats are horrible, so players must be aware of taking care not to hit him. As a passer, Daniel Jones has all of the important stats in the 90s and above. It's a stunning card, especially for players that have the Giants theme team.

The Samoan Field general was a legend of the game. He played for thirteen seasons. Seau was a real player in the field. This card is his way of paying tribute. Seau is one of the best linebackers at the moment, having 90 speed and an acceleration of 91.

Mahomes' Ghosts of Madden card is among the most skilled quarterbacks in the game. With a better release and gunlinger, players can make any throw they want on the field. It has speed at 84 and an incredible speed on the move. This card will impress gamers.

Watt might not have the speed of an elite rusher, however Watt is able to power through any block. Watt will be a formidable player against Madden's best linemen, both in the run and pass games. Watt can be a formidable force at the defense's middle which prevents runs through gaps between A and B on almost every play. It would be the fastest card in the game , if it had 90-speed.

To maximize the card's performance, players will need full play fake and full sprinter. The card will now have 99 catching across all categories with 96 sprint speed and the acceleration of 97. While Jerry Rice may not be the fastest receiver, his route running skills are impressive. He is able to buy Madden 22 coins be used either a slot receiver or wide receiver by players. Rice is only stopped by a few defensive backs. If players aren't trying to undermine themselves, Rice will be able to lead them to victories.