At the beginning of the game, players will have access to a multi-phase instanced encounter that goes by the name Legion Raid. As the players take on the difficult task of destroying the raid bosses, their abilities will, without a shadow of a doubt, be put to the very best test possible. If a group of players wants to finish this Legion Raid with as few obstacles as possible, then they will undoubtedly be interested in learning a few helpful hints to make the experience more manageable for them. This is because the players want to finish the raid with as few challenges as possible. This battle begins when the remaining health of the players is between 50 and 45. Because the vast majority of his assaults are direct, the most secure positions are either at a distance from him or on the flanks that are behind his formation.



A tornado that is composed of three waves, each of which contains four projectile Shurikens that fire outward in a pattern that alternates between a plus sign and an x. During the course of this fight, it will reverse a sizeable portion of the detrimental debuffs that have been applied so far. The following are the three applications that take advantage of lost ark items in the most effective manner:

During the Red Wolf Phase of Phase 1, the boss will inflict the bleeding debuff on the players when they have between 45 and 30 health bars remaining in their remaining health. A player will suffer from a debuff that makes them more susceptible to being hurt by the attacks of other players the moment they come into contact with one of these orbs. As can be seen, Thirian aims all of his assaults in the same general direction in order to maximize their effectiveness.

Using abilities that taunt can be helpful in lining up the bosses to make it easier to aim Thirain's attack. This will allow Thirain to deal more damage to the target. Because of this, Thirain is able to inflict a greater amount of damage upon his adversaries. You can still use a Taunting Scarecrow as a Battle Item in your raid even if neither of these classes is present in it. This is because it is not class specific.

The Splendid Panacea is an upgraded version of the Panacea lost ark items that can be used while engaged in intense combat. It possesses a higher base power. During the time that they are susceptible to the debuff, if they come into contact with another orb, they will immediately lose their ability to exist.

If a player uses a Splendid Panacea at the precise moment that the orbs are about to reach them, the player will be able to absorb them without taking any damage from the encounter. This only works once per encounter. One player should position themselves in close proximity to the boss while the other players maintain their distance from him in order to take advantage of a simple strategy for taking advantage of this mechanism. When all of the orbs have been gathered and brought together, the boss will be vulnerable enough for you to safely stun them.

If you pay close attention to the Purple Stagger bar that is located under the Boss's Health bar, you will notice that it will flash, then disappear, and be replaced by a small lock symbol. This will happen multiple times during the course of the fight. These two abilities, for the duration of the duration, confer a momentary immunity to crowd control effects such as this mechanic. This immunity lasts for the duration of the duration. This immunity will remain in effect for the entirety of the duration. This buff will remain active for as long as they continue to stay in close proximity to the orbs.

If you want to stay alive and avoid taking significant damage, use the potion that slows down time. The following is a list of these occurrences:If you have the misfortune of being struck multiple times by the lightning strikes and are unable to move to the edge of the arena, you should use Time Stop after the fourth hit in order to avoid being struck by the area-of-effect attack. If you are unable to move to the edge of the arena, you should use Time Stop after the second hit in order to avoid being struck by the area-of-effect attack.


In the event that you are unable to hide behind a rock in order to avoid taking damage while you are in the yellow telegraphed zones, you can instead use a Time Stop Potion in order to protect yourself from taking damage.


1. When Valtan's health bar is between 17 and 15 bars during the final transition, he uses his fists to pound the ground, which causes cracks to appear in the ground and causes a significant amount of damage

2.  This occurs when Valtan's health bar is between 17 and 15 bars

3.  However, if you have any Time Stop Potions left over at this phase, you are permitted to use them after the third ground punch if you so choose

4.  If you do not have any Time Stop Potions left over at this phase, you are not permitted to use them

5.  In the event that this happens to you, you will have just enough time to save yourself from all of the damage that would have been caused if you had not used the potions

Always Make Sure to Use Extreme Caution! When his current health drops below 50%, this outcome can be expected.

You need to be on the lookout for two primary mechanisms, and here is a brief explanation of each one:

A frontal coneA frontal yellow telegraph that has the ability to knock players back is followed by a red telegraph that can stun players after it has previously had the ability to knock players back.