Tatum was a threat to Tucker and fell over, failing to knock down the basket against Tucker. Even though it caused Tucker's foul, compared with the percentage of Nba 2k23 mt shots he was hitting shots in the first quarter, Tatum's play in the second half is only able to be described as sleepwalking. It is due to physical fitness and the result of the pressure on defense imposed by Tucker.

It was precisely because Tucker restricted Tatum's game that the Heat were able to top the Celtics in score.In out of defense, Tucker also made significant contributions to the offensive side. Although his score is not impressive, he's been a helpful Butler with scoring several times. When Butler was able to score, Tucker blocked the basket and received When the teammates play the ball, they must find the most suitable opportunity to give Butler the ball Butler. Tucker himself managed to hit just two goals during the entire game, but he , and Butler cooperate very well. To ensure the team's success the player can forfeit his own--ball rights.In the final third when the Heat came out in full offensively, Tucker became the team's defense-minded core. Tatum not only failed in multiple singles against Tucker but also made many mistakes.

It is apparent that Tatum's mentality has begun to shift towards being unbalanced. The Heat utilized this opportunity to fight with all their force and did not allow the opponents a chance to roar. The score gap was narrowed for a short time in the fourth quarter, with the help of Tucker and Butler the Celtics could not catch up.Tucker's value on the court is evident in the game. Even though his stats for his game are lacking, he's performed a vital role. While his current rating in 2K isn't great at 78. his score in NBA 2K23 will definitely increase with his superb performance in the playoff performances.For further NBA game information as well as NBA 2K MT check out NBA2king.com.

In the match between the 76ers against the Heat in the G5. the 76ers won the game because of the appearance of Harden during the second quarter. In that moment, Harden's performance was extremely aggressive, which caused fans and players to believe that this trend could be repeated until the next game. At the G6 game Harden's shots were dramatically diminuted, in addition to not having much state and possession of the ball, which resulted in him being dismissed from players from the Heat.Harden had 11 points in the first second half and scored 0 points during the second half of this loss, a game which led to people being critical of buy nba 2k23 mt coins him after the game.